Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

The Top MMS Companies and Service Providers in the UK

The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is taking the nation by storm. MMS is similar to the Short Messaging Service (SMS), in that it is a method by which users are able to transmit data from one mobile phone to another. MMS is different from SMS, though, since MMS allows users to include multimedia files such as pictures, sound and video in addition to their text. Not only this, but with smartphone devices becoming more and more common, even sending MMS messages to email accounts has now become possible. In order that you may share MMS messages with your friends and relatives, an MMS provider is required. The listing below will let you know where to start when it comes to finding MMS services within London, so take a look! Or visit Actual London IT for more.


BT is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. It currently operates in 170 countries worldwide, and has its headquarters in London. The company can trace its roots back as early as 1846 with the foundation of the Electric Telegraph Company, though British Telecom as is it known today would not be founded until 1980. Domestic customers can contact BT by calling 150 from a BT phone, or by calling 0800 800 150 from non-BT land lines or mobiles. Business customers may call 152 from their BT land line, or 0800 800 152 from non-BT land lines or mobiles. General enquiries can be made by calling 020 7356 5000.


O2 is the second largest mobile communications provider in the UK, second only to EE. O2 was founded in 1985 by BT and Securicor, though it finally became its own company in 2002, which saw the company permanently adopting the O2 brand name. O2 customer service can be contacted by calling 4445 from an O2 mobile at a charge of 25p per call, or from a land line on 0844 809 0222.


EE serves around 28 million customers across the UK, making it the largest network provider in the country. It was formed in 2010 when the mobile network providers Orange and T-Mobile merged. EE's main offices can be found in Bristol, Hatfield and London. They can be contacted by calling 150 from an EE phone to manage your account, or by calling 07953 966 250 from any other phone.


Tesco Mobile operates as a mobile virtual network operator, meaning that it rents its transmission frequencies and bandwidth from another network operator, in this case O2. This setup gives Tesco Mobile the advantage of being able to provide mobile phone packages to its users for a very low rate since they don't have to worry about the costs of infrastructure or fixing technical problems, but simply the flat rate incurred when renting frequencies from another network operator. Tesco Mobile customer services can be contacted by dialling 4455 from a Tesco Mobile phone, or by calling 0845 301 4455 from any other phone.


After its UK launch on 3rd March 2003 (3/3/2003), Three has become the network of choice for those focusing on data use without worrying about cost. Three became the owners of the UK's first video network, and also became the first provider in the UK to reach 80% population coverage with their network. Three stores were launched in conjunction with the opening of the network: two in London, specifically High Street Kensington and Oxford Street, and one at the Birmingham Mailbox. Three can be contacted by perusing through their site to find the right solution, or by calling 0800 358 8460 from any phone.


Virgin Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, and its foundation in 1999 saw it as the world's first mobile network of this type. Virgin Mobile UK rents its frequencies and bandwidth from the UK operator EE, and therefore keeps costs low by shedding the costs of infrastructure maintenance. The company specialises in pay as you go plans, as well as in mobile broadband packages. Virgin Mobile UK can be contacted by dialling 789 from a Virgin Mobile phone, or by calling 0845 6000 789 from a land line.


Vodafone is the world's second largest mobile telecommunications network, behind only China Mobile. It started in 1982 with the advent of the company Racal Strategic Radio Ltd, though the brand has evolved and changed significantly in the intervening years to result today in the 439 million customer strong Vodafone that we are now familiar with. Its name is an amalgamation of the words 'voice', 'data' and 'fone'. Vodafone can be contacted by calling 191 from a Vodafone phone, or by calling 08700 700191 for pay monthly customers, and 08700 776655 for pay as you go customers.